About Me

As a registered gestalt psychotherapist recognized by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and the European Association of Gestalt Therapists, my career journey has been rich and diverse. It began in Croatia, where I worked as a psychologist in occupational health and vocational rehabilitation. Intrigued by human behavior, I delved into assessments, eventually finding my calling in psychotherapy.

Upon relocating to Toronto, my path led me to provide counseling and psychotherapy to a diverse range of individuals for over three decades. Specifically, I have focused on supporting women, gender-diverse, neurodivergent, and racialized populations in navigating various forms of suffering. Throughout this journey, I have endeavored to create a secure environment and provide opportunities for my clients to confront the challenges stemming from dismissal, ignorance, division, disempowerment, and inequality.

My therapeutic approach is firmly grounded in person-centered care, cultural sensitivity, trauma-informed practices, and anti-oppressive principles. As a relational gestalt psychotherapist, I value understanding the whole person within their life context. I offer a space where individuals can freely explore their needs amidst change. This approach integrates relational gestalt therapy, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and compassion-based interventions, fostering an atmosphere of authenticity, empathy, and equanimity.

In my role as a clinical supervisor, I guide student therapists and qualifying therapists (RP Q) in deepening their understanding of their clients’ needs, both at the content and process levels. Through this collaborative process, therapists enhance their self-awareness, gaining insight into the dynamics within their client interactions.

As a lifelong learner, I continue to seek growth and enrichment in my practice. I operate a home-based private practice in Etobicoke and have contributed articles to Psychologica Magazine. My passion lies in fostering transformative experiences, empowering individuals to discover new avenues for creative adjustments, and cultivating deeper relational capabilities, ultimately facilitating a more fulfilling life journey for my clients.


 Professional Qualifications:

Registered Psychotherapist, Certificate of Registration – College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
H. BSc. in Psychology – University of Rijeka, Croatia
MA Program in Clinical Psychology – University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Post-Diploma Certificate in Psychometrics – York University, Toronto, Canada
Post Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy – Gestalt Institute of Toronto, Canada
The European Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy – EAGT, The Netherlands
The World Certificate of Psychotherapy – WCP, Vienna, Austria

Professional Associations:

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)
Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals(OAMHP) – Certified Member
European Association of Gestalt Psychotherapy (EAGT) – Ordinary Member
World Council for Psychotherapy – General Member
Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists (OSRP) – Clinical Member