My Approach

Inompleteness is your path toward completeness – A.H.Almaas

When what we want does not come or when we get what we don’t want, we may become disappointed: we may feel that we do not rest in our true nature and that we do not live up to our potential.

To engage in a dialogue addressing the pain of unwanted experiences requires courage. This happens in a safe, confidential and nurturing atmosphere of a therapist’s office.  With  opportunity to address, feel, reflect upon and work through painful or unwanted experiences, we learn to live the way we believe is the best for us. The paradox is that in order to find ourselves, we have to acknowledge how we are lost in the first place.

I work with each individual as an equal. As a Relational Gestalt Therapist, specializing in mindfulness and compassion-based treatment, I use a variety of techniques, finding what works best, created according to the needs of the individual. These techniques may include, but are not limited to dialogue, mindfulness meditation, emotional freedom techniques, body awareness exercises, dream work, role-playing and expressive-art work. My therapeutic style is to create safety and support needed for cultivating a kinder, more compassionate relationship toward oneself and other when facing change. Looking for a meaningful life, people learn how to find an experience of being alive.